In September 1994 a member from each of the three Religious congregations – Presentation Brothers, Presentation Sisters and Christian Brothers opened the door to a group of young people, boys and girls aged fifteen and sixteen, in The Hut Gurranabraher, Cork. It was the beginning of a joint project on behalf of young people at risk in the area, and was named ‘Presentation Family Community Project’.

Developments and Funding:

Since that small start many things have changed- the location, name, clientele, project team, work programme, management structure and funding. What has remained constant is the underlying caring philosophy, supported by the trustees of the Three congregations. The three team members formed Community for each other through at first living in their congregational houses. In 1996 a house was purchased at 109 Knock free Ave and it was shared as  a home for both project and community.


Presentation Sisters and Brothers and Christian Brothers are no longer involved in the day to day running of the project which is now entirely staffed by lay people.

However, the above religious congregations are part of a board of members. Core funding is provided by the Probation Service. Other costs are met principally by the Young Peoples Facilities Fund, also by Cork City Council,  Health Service Executive and ETB. We are also supported in practical ways by business in the community. North Side Community Enterprises employ participant’s through a special category… Community Employment Scheme pays the project members through the Community Employment Scheme.


A Board of Directors has been in place since 1999 to guide and support the working of the project. They in turn link in with our Board of Members through the Chairperson.

  • 1996 – Purchase of 109 Knockfree Ave.
  • October 2004 – Purchase of 107 Knockfree Ave.
  • 2004 – Renovation of 107 and 109 Knockfree Ave.
  • 2004 -Building of Work Shop.
  • 2007 -Official Opening of Extended premises by Right Honourable Lord Mayor of Cork Donal Counihan.
  • 2008- Development of extensive garden project.
  • 2008 -Opening of Garden Café Training Restaurant under licence from Cork City Council.
  • 2012- Continous development of Garden Cafe Project.
  • 2016- Merger with Gratton project community based organisation.
  • 2016- Development of workshop premises at Ballyvolane Business Park.
  • 2016- Development of Outreach support programme in Conjunction with H.S.E.
  • 2017- Development of gender specific initiative for women as part of The Garden Café Initiative.
  • 2019 – Development of integrated Horticulture training area.
  • 2019 – Commercial Electricity Supply (ESB) installation at The Garden Café.
  • 2019 – Development of Furniture Display Area.